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Basketball Mask Elastic Strap Protective Facial Cover Face Mask Football Nose Guard Shield Mask For Sports Accessories


Bullet Points:

1.Durable safety and health: Made of environmental friendly PVC composite material, this face nose guard is shatterproof and protects your nose from injury.
2.Adjustable design: With a convenient and flexible adjustable buckle, you can easily adjust the face nose guard to fit your face shape and size, allows you to wear the face nose guard comfortably and securely
3.Effective protection: This face nose guard is designed to protect your nose and face from injury, whether you are playing sports, working outdoors. It offer full coverage and comfort for your facial features.
4.Avoid injuries: Basketball nose covers protect you from other injuries during exercise, allowing you to devote yourself to sports, enjoy sports, and give you a more comfortable sports experience
5.Wide range of use: Protect your nose and face from impact injuries with this face nose guard, which is versatile and widely used for various sports and activities.
Face Nose Guard - Environmental Friendly and Effective Protection
This face nose guard features a flexible buckle that allows you to adjust the size for a comfortable fit. It provides effective protection from dust, pollen, and other particles. It is widely used for outdoor activities, sports, and work. The material is environmental friendly and durable. Order yours today!
Name: upper face cover
Material: pvc composite material
Colour: Black
Half face size: 17*11*7cm
Upper face size with big eyes: 17.5*11*8cm
Double adjustment buckle upper half face size: 17*10*7cm
Weight: about 40g
Nose Guard for Sports *1

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