Auto Fastener Clips for Car Body Retainer Installation

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1. Introducing our high-quality nylon clips fasteners, specifically designed for car use. These durable fasteners are the perfect accessory for your vehicle, commonly used for fitting side skirts, bumpers, and other trim.
2. Our Push Type Retainer Kit comes neatly packaged in a convenient box or opp Bags, making it easier for you to select the specific retainer you need. No more worries about lost or damaged body fasteners.
3. With this kit, you'll have all the necessary retainers for exact replacement of old and broken retainers. Rest assured that your car will be in top shape with our reliable and easy-to-use clips fasteners.

50Pcs Mixed Fastener Clip Package included:
10 x C05 Rivet Fasteners
10 x C20 Rivet Fasteners
5 x C32 Rivet Fasteners
5 x B01 Rivet Fasteners
10 x D02 Rivet Fasteners
10 x A16 Rivet Fasteners

100Pcs Mixed Fastener Clip Package included:
20 x C05 Rivet Fasteners
20 x C20 Rivet Fasteners
10 x C32 Rivet Fasteners
10 x B01 Rivet Fasteners
20 x D02 Rivet Fasteners
20 x A16 Rivet Fasteners

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