Original Yaostein BS herbal product for joint pain

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Original Yaostein BS herbal product for joint pain

Yaostein BS is the latest breakthrough in the development of traditional herbal medicine today, this product is the result of a combination of traditional Indonesian ingredients with modern processing. The ingredients used in this product are original Indonesian products which have been used for generations to cure various diseases,
Helps treat Back Pain, Cholesterol, Hypertension, Sprains, Aches, Stiff Muscles, Swollen Feet, Stress, Fever, Headache, Toothache, Earache, Helps relieve pain (mild/severe), Muscle and joint pain, Pain during menstruation and, after giving birth, Pain after surgery, Tooth extraction, Increases bone strength, Allergies, Itching, Weakness, Lethargy, Insomnia, Frequent tingling.

The packaging:
1 box contains 20 sachets @ 2 capsules = 40 capsules


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