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The products Tawon Liar  we sell are 100% original.

Tawonn liarrr capsuleee is a traditional herball medicineee capsuleee made from the leaves of natural medicinalll plants.
One of the main ingredientsss is honey extracttt obtained from the hives of wild bees harvested from the forest.

These ingredientsss have high properties for treatinggg various diseasess, If you have healthhh problems such as cholesterolll, lack of staminaaa, easy fatigueee and achesss, then Tawon Liarrr capsuleee herbsss can help you cure these diseasesss.

Benefits Tawon Liar

  • Boost the immuneee systemm
  • Increase staminaaa
  • Overcoming insomniaaa or difficultyyy sleepinggg
  • Lowering cholesterolll
  • Reducinggg and curing rheumatismmm, back painnn, achesss and painsss and gouttt

Long Validity Period.

The product is exactly the same as in the picture.
This product is original, and has the same quality as products from other well-known brands.
The expiration date of this product is still long, between 2 to 3 years.
All information and guidance about the product is included in the packaging.

Please make it a habit to read before buying, by purchasing a product, we assume you agree with what we include.

Please remember:

Fast Delivery / Express Service Only Valid for Purchases Above 20 BOX and Above, Below That Use Economy Service.

And specifically for this product, shipping from Indonesia...
The products we sell are 100% original, be careful of fake products, be wise when buying something...

Money back guarantee if what we send doesn't match the picture.

We are Fully Responsible for Customers..
Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Happy shopping

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