PC Welding Masks with Automatic Variable Light

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PC Welding Masks with Automatic Variable Light

1. The Welding Facemask features an intelligent sensitive filter that automatically darkens in just 0.1 seconds during welding, providing instant protection. With 9-13 levels of shading effect, it offers comprehensive protection for your eyes. 
2. Made of polypropylene material, this facemask is not only strong and durable but also lightweight and comfortable to wear. Its anti-drop and impact-resistant properties ensure long-lasting performance without feeling tired. 
3. The full lens of the facemask provides higher clarity and a panoramic true color large visual field, making welding more convenient. 
4. Designed to withstand high temperatures, this facemask is heat insulating and can resist temperatures up to 130℃. It effectively blocks arc light, infrared light, ultraviolet rays, and welding slags, protecting your face from burns and hazards. 
5. The facemask offers a large inner space, ensuring easy wearing and breathability without any stuffiness or discomfort. 
6. With a 180-degree free rotation feature, it allows for convenient and efficient work. It can be turned up when welding gaps or when not in use for an extended period. 
7. The gear adjustment knob design enables easy tightening of the headband for a secure fit. 
8. The breathable adjustment band ensures that wearing the facemask does not cause sweat or discomfort. 
9. The thickened sponge design protects your forehead and provides a sweat-absorbing and anti-slip effect. 
10. The headband buckle adjustment design allows for easy customization of the distance and angle between the face and the screen, adapting to different working conditions. 
11. With a solar-powered design, the facemask provides long endurance and does not harm the eyes even during prolonged welding sessions. It also allows for easy adjustment of light levels. 
12. The facemask features an irradiation lamp design, offering two kinds of illumination for working in dark environments. It is suitable for various welding applications such as electric welding and argon arc welding.


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