Monstera White Tiger Variegated Halfmoon Albo Free Phytosanitary

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Monstera White Tiger Variegated Halfmoon Albo Free Phytosanitary

Terms & Conditions :


1. Photos are for reference only. Could be bigger, could be smaller depending on the existing stock


2. Please let us know your Phone Number & email address so the courier could ring you anytime needed. Make sure you are able to be contacted by DHL as it was not our responsibility anymore.


3. Price not included shipping cost & Phytosanitary Certificate . Phytosanitary Certificate used for import clearance process on Arrival. We will do some price adjustment depend on the plant's volume after packaging.


4. For safety reason, we only use DHL Express for shipping. It probably will arrive in 3-7 days.


5. For easier and faster communication, you can always contact us through our Instagram @mikaplants_ or Whatsapp +62 822-666-17671.


6. Plants are shipped with buyer's risk. We do pack all packages in the best way as we can but if any damages occur from the transit it is beyond our responsibility. If the plants got any damages occur from the customs in your country, it is beyond our responsibility and please note that plant cost couldn't refundable in this case.


7. While you are ordering a plant, you are agreed to the climate changing effected to the plant during the process and shipping. Example :


A. An Alocasia Plant & Varigated plant.

These kind of plant is very sensitive during the process and shipping, it is normal if the plants arrive a bit yellowy burn or fall out. But this plant has a strong roots so do not be worry, it would survive and grows in time.


B. Some of the plants.

Some of the plants are easy to burn. Sometimes it will arrive burned during the shipping. If you receive 1 leave turn to be White or Yellow, it will fall out by the time. But the other Leaves will survive after got better treatment.


8. It is not our responsible if the plant could not be arrive in time because of import process delayed or declined. Please be aware of laws and regulations of your country regarding importation of plant materials as we will not be responsible for any items confiscated at your customs. If the plants got any damages occur from the customs in your country, it is beyond our responsibility and please note that plant cost couldn't refundable in this case.


9. We don't accept cancellation, return or exchange plant after order have been submitted.


10. Full payment up front is required before Shipping.


11. We do refund 30% of the price if you could prove the plant was arrived dead by recording and take photos of your unboxing time. Due to countries regulation differences, some countries DO sanitize or sterilize plants using chemical or doing heater procedures. We DO NOT responsible of the sanitizing or sterilization procedures in your country that caused plant to arrived dead. Please make sure your country's regulation before buy the plants.


12. Every missing or untrackable shipment should be followed up directly to the courier companies it self, not our responsibility.


13. Some of the countries applying some Duty & Tax after the clearance process, Duty & Tax applied is your fully responsibilities and needed to be paid by the time they suggests. We found that if buyer could not pay during the limited time, Destination country will return it to Origin, but Indonesian Government did not sent the plant back to us but will destroy it.


14. You are agreed on the terms & conditions while buying the plants. So please read carefully before you make an order.


Thank you and happy shopping !


Shipping Cost
Delivery Time 5 - 10 DAY
Shop Location Kediri, East Java, Indonesia


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