Kit Ultrasonic Levitator Suspension Standing Wave Controller DIY

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1.This is a small ultrasonic suspension device, which can suspend foam balls;
2.The suspending device operates at a frequency of 40KHZ in the air, and can capture light objects with a density of 2-3MM in diameter, such as foam balls, ants and other small objects that are stably suspended in the air for a long time, and the main board is slightly heated;
3.The circuit is mainly composed of a single chip computer, a driver chip and two ultrasonic emitters;
4.It is mainly used to learn about ultrasonic standing wave suspension.
5.It is suitable for students or DIY electronics enthusiasts to learn ultrasonic suspended standing wave.

Power input: DC 12V (0.5-1A)
Frequency: 40KHZ
Working temperature: - 25 ℃~85 ℃
External dimension (finished product): length 44 mm * width 40 mm * height 66 mm
Working principle: ultrasonic standing wave levitation is through the existence of a certain distance (called the resonant cavity distance) between the ultrasonic transmitting end and the transmitting end (or another transmitting end). The transmitted wave and the reflected wave (or another acoustic wave) are continuously superimposed to finally form a standing wave. The acoustic force on the object at the standing wave node overcomes the gravity effect and finally achieves the levitation effect.

Package include:
Package 1:
DIY bulk shipment list:
Component name
Upper PCB board x 1
Lower PCB x 1
Ultrasonic transmitter Tx2
M2 * 4 screw x5
M2 * 7 two-way copper column x 2
M2 * 39+3 copper column x2
M3 * 6 screw x5
M3 * 15 two-way nylon column x 4
25V 33UF-100UFx1
DC005 seat x1
104 Monolithic capacitor x 2
4.7K resistance x1
3MM LED red x1
1117-5.0 regulator chip x 1
STC15F104W (burning program) x 1
TC4427x 1
Package 2:
Finished ultrasonic levitator X1

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