High Power Vacuum Cleaner 120W

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1. Introducing our multifunctional vacuum cleaner, a versatile cleaning tool that can reach those hard-to-access areas. This handheld vacuum cleaner is perfect for cleaning laptops, desks, cars, pianos, pet houses, and office desks, among others.

2. Enjoy the convenience of a cordless and rechargeable vacuum cleaner. Our vacuum comes with a USB charging cable that can be connected to a laptop, car USB port, or mobile power supply for easy charging.

3. Say goodbye to clogged filters with our washable HEPA filter. This reusable filter keeps dust and dirt out, ensuring optimal performance. Simply remove the filter from the dust cup, wash it with water, and let it dry for the next use. Remember to clean the filter regularly to maintain the vacuum's suction power.

4. Experience the power of 5.5KPa strong suction with our handheld car vacuum. This powerful vacuum is perfect for daily housework, effortlessly removing food residues, particles, and pet hair. With a 120W superpower motor, it provides strong suction up to 5500pa, making cleaning a breeze. Its wireless operation adds to the convenience.

5. Our handheld wireless professional car vacuum cleaner is designed to keep your car and home clean every day. With its lightweight body weighing only 0.30 KG, it is comfortable to hold for extended periods, making it ideal for the elderly and women.

- Product Name: Wireless Vacuum Cleaner
- Color: Black
- Material: ABS
- Filter: Washable & Reusable HEPA
- Suction Degree: 5500Pa
- RPM: 5000
- Motor: 120W Copper Core
- Weight: 230kg
- Runtime: 20-30 Minutes
- Battery: Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery
- Charging: Fast Charging USB Type C

Packing: Boxed
Package included: 1 x Brush Nozzle, 1 x Slit Nozzle, 1 x Handheld Vacuum, 1 x USB Type C Charging Cable.

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