High Power LED Flashlight for Outdoor Activities

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1. The high power LED bulbs in this flashlight offer bright and long-lasting illumination, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.
2. With 4 lamp beads, this flashlight provides a wider and brighter beam, ensuring clear visibility in low-light conditions.
3. The COB side light on this flashlight provides a broader and more uniform beam, making it ideal for illuminating larger areas or working in tight spaces.
4. This flashlight is rechargeable, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacements and saving you money in the long run.
5. The 4 lamp beads in this flashlight provide bright illumination, making it perfect for outdoor activities like camping and hiking.
6. The COB side light on this flashlight offers wider coverage, ensuring clear visibility in all directions.
7. With a rechargeable battery, this flashlight can be used for extended periods without worrying about replacing batteries.
8. The waterproof design of this flashlight makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions, ensuring reliable functionality even in the rain.

     This product is made of ABS material and features LED and COB lamp beads. It has four lighting modes: high, low, SOS, and side light. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can be charged via Micro USB. It has an IP64 waterproof rating, but should not be used for diving. The lighting distance is approximately 100 meters and the battery life is 2-4 hours.

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