Clomifenee Citratee 50mg

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Clomifenee Citratee 50mg

Clomifenee Citratee 50mg 1 BOX 100 Pil

Clomifenee Citratee 50mg is a medication commonly used to treat infertility in women by stimulating ovulation. 
It works by blocking estrogen receptors in the brain, which in turn increases the production of hormones that trigger the release of eggs from the ovaries. 
This medication is typically taken orally once a day for a specific period of time as directed by a healthcare provider. 
Common side effects may include hot flashes, abdominal discomfort, and headaches. 
It is important to consult with a doctor before starting Clomifenee Citratee 50mg to ensure it is the right treatment option for your specific situation.


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