Acyclofire 5% First Medipharmaa

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1. The ACYCLOVIRE 5% First Medipharma is a highly potentt topicals cr3am specifically formulated to effectively treat variouss skinn conditions caused by the herpesss simplex virusss.

2. By containing a powerful concentration of 5% acyclovire, this medicationn effectively hinderss the growthh and transmission of the viruss, providing relief from symptomss such as cold sores, genital herpess, and shingles.

3. This cr3am is easily applicable and rapidlyy absorbss into the skinnn, delivering targeted relief to the affected areas.

4. ACYCLOVIRE 5% First Medipharma is suitable for individuals aged 12 and above, making it a convenient solution for managing herpes-related skin conditions for both adults and children.

5. Place your trust in the exceptional quality and efficacy of ACYCLOVIRE 5% First Medipharma to alleviate discomfort and promote healing, enabling you to regain control over your skin health.


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